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Number 20 August/September 2007
Hey guys I am so pleased to be able to Party Time Review one of my favourite people on television – Debora Patta. Dahlings not only is this gorgeous looking lady sassy, smart and sophisticated she is a real  Princess too!
We have known Debora since the days she was on 702 Radio. I must admit that I knew her even before then. I knew her from the days she was a feisty champion for women’s rights at Rustenburg Girls High School in Cape Town – a well known girls school – my mother went to the school and when we were at school Debora was in High School already making a name for herself! We loved her so much because she took on the establishment – fighting over issues like
stockings must be worn girls! I don’t know if she managed to get that rule overturned (I mean can you imagine those damn stockings into todays heatwaved world dahlings!). But then we grew older and went off to university etc. Debora only surfaced again in my world when she was at Radio 702. But, it was only with the creation of e-tv and in the late 90’s with the creation of the programme 3rdDegree that Debora became part of my weekly television diet!
And what looks Debora has! Who can forget the early days of 3rdDegree when Debora was like a vision in her purple dress! She had my boyfriends completely under her
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Ms Debora
With  Tannie
Hanlie Koekemoer